How Much Is A Signed Messi Jersey Worth? (Revealed)

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Sports memorabilia is undoubtedly a lucrative market to get into if you can buy the right items.

But how much is a signed Messi jersey worth?

The number varies depending upon a number of factors, but don’t expect to get an authentic signed shirt from the little magician on the cheap.

So let’s delve a little deeper…

How Much Is A Signed Messi Jersey Worth?

Signed Lionel Messi shirts, with a certificate of authenticity, can vary in price from just under £4,000 down to around £400 ($4,900 to $500). If you are buying a signed shirt, always ensure it has the certificate to guarantee the signature is genuine.

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Buying a Signed Messi Jersey on Ebay

At the time of writing there were 32 pieces of signed Lionel Messi memorabilia on eBay. The vast majority were signed jerseys ranging from £2,515 down to £100 

Details: 2013/14 Barcelona Home Shirt

Cost: £2,514.99

Barcelona shirt

This classic shirt was signed by Messi, Xavi and Andres Iniesta. Although the shirt is from 2013/14, it was signed by the three Barcelona legends in 2021.

The seller is Icons sporting memorabilia and it comes with an official FC Barcelona Certificate of Authenticity.

This certificate acts as a guarantee that the signatures are genuine and gives full details of where and when the signing took place and an image of the player doing the signing where possible.

Details: 2021/22 Paris Saint-Germain Home Shirt

Cost: £1,364,99

This shirt is also being sold by Icons sporting memorabilia and again comes with a full certificate of authenticity, acting as a guarantee that the shirt was signed.

The shirt comes alongside a photo of Messi collecting his 7th Ballon d’Or and was signed by Messi in April 2022.

Details: 2013/14 Barcelona Home Shirt

Cost: £100 (starting bid)

This shirt is being sold by a private seller and unlike the two mentioned above doesn’t come with a certificate of authenticity.

It also isn’t nicely framed and mounted as the first two shirts are. The description is basic as are the photos. All of which accounts for the lower price.

Buying a Signed Messi Jersey on

The sports website is the official signing partner and licensee for Messi. At the time of writing they had just under 100 officially signed pieces of Lionel Messi memorabilia. The vast majority were shirts, but there were also boots, footballs and photos.

Details: Barcelona Home Shirt

Cost: £3,749.99

Messi and Ronaldo shirts

There is no listing of which season this shirt is from, but it comes in a frame alongside a signed Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United shirt. Having the two shirts together accounts for it being the most expensive signed Messi shirt on the website at the time of writing.

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It comes with a Champions League Certificate of Authenticity that gives further details of where and when both shirts were signed.

Details: 2021 Argentina Home Shirt

Cost: £1,199.99

This 2021 Argentina shirt was signed by Messi in Paris in April 2022 and comes framed and with a certificate of authenticity.

Probably adding to the value is the fact it was this kit Argentina wore as they beat Brazil in the 2021 Copa America Final, to give them their first Copa America title since 1993, and Messi his first senior international trophy.

Details: 2016/17 Barcelona Home Shirt

Cost: £399.99

This item is one of the least expensive signed Messi jerseys on the website. The shirt is signed across the front by Messi and comes mounted and with a certificate of authenticity.

It comes with a print commemorating Barca’s incredible comeback in the Champions League Round of 16 against Paris Saint-Germain that season.

Barcelona lost the first leg 4-0 and with 3 minutes to go in the return leg were winning 3-1, to put the score at 5-3 to PSG on aggregate. However 3 goals in the remaining minutes put Barcelona through 6-5 and ensure this shirt a place in history!

Buying a Signed Messi Jersey on Fancave

Fancave’s selection of signed Messi memorabilia is less extensive but is almost entirely signed shirts, along with a couple of signed photos and signed boots.

Details: 2021/22 Paris Saint-Germain Home Shirt

Cost: £1,095

This signed PSG Home Shirt comes in a decorative frame with three photos and the back of the shirt signed.

Whilst Fancave isn’t the official signing partner for Messi, it does come from what they call “one of our trusted partners” and was signed on 16 December 2021. It comes with a certificate of authenticity and a photo of Messi signing the shirt.

Details: 2020/21 Barcelona Third Shirt

Cost: £745

This unusual third shirt was signed by Messi in April 2021 and comes mounted in a case with two photos of Messi in action.

It also comes with a certificate of authenticity and a photo of Messi signing the shirt.

Details: 2019/20 Barcelona Home Shirt

Cost: £575

Complete with a plaque and two photos of Messi playing, this home shirt comes with a certificate of authenticity.

It is currently the lowest-priced signed Messi shirt on the Fancave website.

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Buying a Signed Messi Jersey on A1 Sporting Memorabilia

A1 Sporting Memorabilia has eight items of signed Messi memorabilia at the time of writing, seven signed shirts and a pair of signed boots.

Details: 2021/22 PSG Home Shirt

Cost: £1,034.99

This PSG home shirt was signed by Messi in December 2021 and comes with a certificate of authenticity to prove this.

It is mounted with a plaque and two photos of the Argentinian superstar.

Details: 2021/22 PSG Home Shirt

Cost: £899.99

Again this is another PSG home shirt, signed by Messi on the same date as the above jersey.

However, unlike the jersey above it does not come mounted or with photos. It does have a certificate of authenticity though.

Do Signed Football Shirts Go Up In Value?

Signed football shirts do go up in value and, if researched carefully, you can maximise the profit you can make.

Factors that affect the value of a signed football shirt include:

The Player

The more popular and successful the player, the more demand there will be for a signed shirt. 

But on the same matter, if that player has signed lots of shirts and there are many pieces of memorabilia circulating with his signature, the shirt will not be in such high demand.

If you hold on to the shirt for a number of years, until the player retires and/or the collection of signed shirts by that player has decreased it will almost certainly increase in value.

The Shirt

Certain shirts become iconic in their own rights, with or without signatures on them.

A classic example is Arsenal’s ‘bruised banana’ away shirt of the early 1990s. This shirt has earned its place in football folklore to the point it now has its own clothing and accessories line based on it ranging from bruised banana hot water bottles to bruised banana phone cases!

Keep an eye out for unusual designs or shirts that are rarer, ie third or even fourth-kits now.

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And remember if you can find a ‘less normal’ signed jersey for a player you really are onto a winner.

For instance, everyone associates Robert Lewandowski with Bayern Munich, but if you have a signed Lech Poznań jersey of his, or even better a signed Znicz Pruszków shirt from Lewandowski the price is likely to be far higher.

The Signature

A signature that says ‘Best Wishes, Lionel Messi’ is always better than a signature that says “To Dave, Best Wishes, Lionel Messi”.

As soon as a name goes on a signature you are reducing its market value, so it is only of interest to people of that name.


You will notice that almost all of the examples of signed Lionel Messi shirts we have listed come with certificates of authenticity.

These verify the signature is real and are what give the shirts their value. 

Without this certificate, we only have someone’s word that the signature is that of the player in question.

Final Thoughts

So you can see, a genuine signed Lionel Messi jersey can cost into the thousands.

The most vital thing to remember if you are considering buying a signed Messi shirt is, is it authentic?

Always check for a certificate of authenticity.

This makes it better to buy from a specialist seller or an auction house than an individual online, as they will always be able to prove authenticity.

Buying and selling signed football jerseys can be a big business, so if you are thinking about getting into it, tread wisely!

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