Does Erling Haaland Have Siblings? (Revealed)

Brothers and sisters together

There are quite a few footballers that have famous siblings. Think Gary and Phil Neville, Yaya and Kolo Toure, Rio and Anton Ferdinand and Reece and Laura James. But what about one of the game’s most deadly goalscorers, does Erling Haaland have siblings? Let’s take a closer look at his family background to find out… … Read more

Is Erling Haaland A Viking? (Explained)

Model of Norwegian Viking ship

He plunders goals and terrorises centre-backs, but is Erling Haaland a Viking? He is also 6’5, blonde haired and from Norway, so maybe it is a reasonable question. Or maybe it isn’t! Either way, it is what we are discussing in our blog today.  So let’s get started… Is Erling Haaland A Viking? No Erling … Read more

Does Erling Haaland Hate Roy Keane? (Discussed)

Lady with boxing gloves on punching man

We certainly know there is no love lost between Alfie Haaland and Roy Keane, but what about his son? Does Erling Haaland hate Roy Keane? He could justifiably have a reason to, so whether he does or not is worth investigating. So without further ado, let’s get started… Does Erling Haaland Hate Roy Keane? Erling … Read more