Why Are Nottingham Forest Called The Garibaldi? (Explained)

Football fans in stadium

Most of us will know them as The Reds or simply Forest, maybe a few of us will call them The Tricky Trees. But one of the world’s oldest clubs does have another nickname… So why are Nottingham Forest called The Garibaldi? We delve deep back into history to find out… Why Are Nottingham Forest … Read more

Why Are Sunderland Fans Called Mackems? (Revealed)

Sign on Sunderland football stadium

I am sure it is a phrase you have heard or even used many times. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself why are Sunderland fans called Mackems? I certainly hadn’t until I started researching this article. And then it all became clear. Well almost! Let’s take a closer look Why Are Sunderland Fans … Read more

Why Are Wolves Fans Called Dingles? (Solved)

Wolves flag

So why are Wolves fans called Dingles? They aren’t the only set of fans that have that nickname, Burnley fans have been given that moniker as well. So what is the story behind it? It is all related to one of the UK’s most popular soaps. So let’s find out more…. Why Are Wolves Fans … Read more