Why Are Lincoln City Called The Imps? (Revealed)

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Without being disrespectful, Lincoln City are minnows in the footballing world. Yet for such a relatively small team its nickname is one that I will never forget. Why are Lincoln City called the Imps? Let’s dive in and find out! Why Are Lincoln City Called The Imps? Lincoln City takes its nickname from the legend … Read more

Why Are Luton Town Called The Hatters? (Answered)

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I grew up probably during the greatest period of Luton Town’s history. The club spent ten seasons in the top flight from 1982 to 1992, and the first season I can properly remember, the 1986/87 season, Luton finished 7th, its highest-ever league finish.  They were only five points behind third-placed Tottenham too. The following season … Read more

Why Are Aston Villa Called The Lions? (Solved)

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I learned something new last week.  All of my life I have known Aston Villa as the Villans. Then I found out something that blew my mind. They have another official nickname. So why are Aston Villa also called the Lions? Let’s find out… Why Are Aston Villa Called The Lions? Aston Villa are called … Read more

Why Are Watford Called The Hornets? (Explained)

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Have you ever wondered why Watford are called the Hornets? The reason is pretty straightforward, but wow Watford have changed their kit, ground, badge and nickname like no other team over its history! As you might have guessed the reason for the team’s nickname is related to its kit. So let’s take a closer look … Read more