Why Are Norwich Called The Canaries? (Explained)

Canary on branch

Do you ever stop and think about how some football clubs got their nicknames? Whilst some seem fairly obvious, there are some that don’t seem to make any logical sense at all. Until you learn a bit about the history of the club or the region it is from. That is definitely the case with … Read more

Why Are Southampton Called The Saints? (Revealed)

Southampton flag flying

On paper they are possibly the most evangelical team in English football. They play at St. Mary’s Stadium, have a halo on their badge and the team runs out to ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’. But why are Southampton called the Saints? Let’s find out… Why Are Southampton Called The Saints? Southampton are called … Read more

Why Are West Brom Called The Baggies? (Solved)

West Brom badge on gate to the ground

There are few nicknames as synonymous with a club as that of West Bromwich Albion. I am going to hazard a guess that almost every serious football fan will know it. But why are West Brom called The Baggies? Well, it certainly has been subject to a bit of debate over the years, and that … Read more

Why Are Bournemouth Called The Cherries? (Explained)


Football club nicknames tend to fall into one of two camps. There are the unimaginative: The Villans (Aston Villa), the Reds (Liverpool) and the Citizens (Manchester City), etc. Then there are the unusual: the Eagles (Crystal Palace), the Toffees (Everton) and the Hatters (Luton). The one we are dealing with today probably falls into the … Read more