Why Do the Irish Love Manchester United? (Explained)

Why do the Irish love Manchester United

In 2020 a survey conducted as part of a book that was about to be published revealed an interesting statistic about Irish football fans. Two-thirds of them support either Manchester United or Liverpool. And of the two, Manchester United were the most popular.  33% of Irish fans supported United, compared to 29% supporting Liverpool. The … Read more

Why Do Manchester United Wear Red? (Explained)

Why do manchester united wear red

Have you ever asked yourself why do Manchester United wear red? It is a perfectly legitimate question. These days every club is immediately identifiable by its home colours. But how did they choose them? We look at that in this blog and delve a little deeper into the history of the Red Devils kit. So … Read more

What Is The Manchester United Foundation? (Revealed)

What is the Manchester United Foundation

Maybe it is something you might have heard mentioned in passing or you have seen a reference to it in a news report. But do you really know what is the Manchester United Foundation? It actually illustrates quite well how Premier League football clubs have taken increased responsibility for their local communities over the past … Read more