Which Team Has Beaten Manchester United the Most? (Revealed)

which team has beaten united

Alongside Liverpool, Manchester United has the most illustrious history in English football.

Twenty league titles, 12 FA Cups, 5 league cups and 6 European trophies are testament to that.

But across their starstudded history they haven’t always been infallible.

So which team has beaten Manchester United the most?

Let’s find out.

Which Team Has Beaten Manchester United The Most?

As of July 2022, Arsenal have recorded the most wins against Manchester United in their history with 85, next is Liverpool with 70 and third is Everton with 68. However overall United come out on top in the statistics against every single domestic team whom they have played three times or more.

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United’s Overall Fixtures Record

As of the end of the 2021-22 season, United have played over 4,600 league games and more than 400 games in European competitions since their formation.

We will focus on their domestic matches primarily.

The first 66 games in Manchester United’s history were played in the Football Alliance between 1889 and 1892.

This saw them take on long-defunct teams such as Walsall Town Swifts, Darwen, Long Eaton Rangers and Small Heath.

In 1892 United joined the Football League when they were elected to the First Division.

They have remained in the Football League ever since.

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They were relegated to the Second Division of the Football League at the end of their second season (1893/94).

In 1905/06, after 12 seasons in the Second Division, they gained promotion back to the top flight of English football.

They suffered a couple more relegations and promotions in the 1920s and 1930s, but have been in the top division of English football since 1938 for every season except one.

They spent a sole season in Division Two in 1974/75 after being relegated.

Which Team Has Got the Most Wins Against Manchester United?

But I know we have digressed, so let me get on and answer the question:

Which team has beaten Manchester United the most?

The answer is Arsenal, in 236 games between the teams, they have beaten United 85 times. The other games resulted in 98 wins for United and 54 draws.

Second in the list is Liverpool. They have recorded 70 wins against United from 209 games. United have managed 81 wins and 59 draws.

Next in the list comes Liverpool’s Merseyside neighbours, Everton. They have beaten United 68 times from 207 games, with the other fixtures resulting in 91 wins for United and 49 draws.

So to summarise:

Which Team Has Beaten Manchester United The Most?

  1. Arsenal – 85 wins
  2. Liverpool – 70 wins
  3. Everton – 68 wins

Which Team Has Manchester United Beaten the Most?

Aston Villa come top here. In 194 games, United have recorded 102 wins, 41 draws and 51 defeats against the Villains.

Next up is Arsenal. United have beaten them 98 times, drawn 54 and lost 85 in 236 games.

Third on the list are Arsenal’s North London rivals Tottenham. In 198 games between them, United have won 95, drawn 50 and lost 53.

In Europe, United have lost more times against Barcelona, 7, than anyone else. Next in the list is Juventus who have triumphed 6 times against United and then AC Milan and Real Madrid (5 each).

Which Team Has Manchester United Beaten the Most?

  1. Aston Villa – 102 wins
  2. Arsenal – 98 wins
  3. Tottenham Hotspur – 95 winds.

Which Team Has Manchester United Drawn With the Most?

In 191 games, United have recorded 61 draws with Chelsea. The remaining games have seen United win 78 and Chelsea win 54.

The 209 games between Liverpool and Manchester United have produced 59 draws, with United winning 81 and Liverpool 70 of the remaining fixtures.

Once again Arsenal appears in the list, with 54 draws in 236 games between the two teams. United have won 98 and live 85 of the remaining fixtures.

Which Team Has Manchester United Drawn With the Most?

  1. Chelsea – 61 draws
  2. Liverpool – 59 draws
  3. Arsenal – 54 draws

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Which Team Has Manchester United Scored the Most Goals Against?

United have hit the back of the net 357 times in 236 games against Arsenal, 355 times in 194 games against Aston Villa and 343 times in 173 games against Newcastle.

Which Team Has Manchester United Scored the Most Goals Against?

  1. Arsenal – 357 goals
  2. Aston Villa – 355 goals
  3. Newcastle – 343 goals

Which Team Has Scored the Most Goals Against Manchester United?

Arsenal have found the net 334 times in 236 games against United, Everton 285 times in 207 games and Liverpool 275 times in 209 games.

Which Team Has Scored the Most Goals Against Manchester United?

  1. Arsenal – 334 goals
  2. Everton – 285 goals
  3. Liverpool – 275 goals

Which Team Has Manchester United Played the Most?

Judging by the number of times certain teams have appeared in this list you probably have an idea of which teams might feature in the list of most played fixtures for Manchester United. 

They have played Arsenal 236 times, Liverpool 209 times and Everton 207 times.

Which Team Has Manchester United Played the Most?

  1. Arsenal – 236 games
  2. Liverpool – 209 games
  3. Everton – 207 games

Which Teams Have Manchester United Never Beaten?

In European competitions, there are a few teams United have not beaten, but the English teams United haven’t beaten might surprise you:

  • Accrington
  • Milton Keynes Dons
  • Southend United

Although this is a little unfair as United have played Milton Keynes Dons and Southend once each, losing both and Accrington FC (not to be confused with Accrington Stanley) twice, drawing both.

Interestingly if you take these three teams out of the mix no English team has a better record against Manchester United than vice-versa.

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A few run them close, and we have already mentioned Liverpool and Arsenal above, but the others are:

  • Bradford Park Avenue: 10 wins for United, 9 for Bradford Park Avenue and 3 draws.
  • Burnley: 64 wins for United, 44 for Burnley and 24 draws.
  • Chelsea: 78 wins for United, 54 for Chelsea and 61 draws.
  • Grimsby: 16 wins for United, 15 for Grimbsy and 15 draws.
  • Lincoln City: 13 wins for United, 11 for Lincoln and 4 draws.
  • Stockport County: 10 wins for United, 7 for Stockport and 2 draws.

Some names you probably wouldn’t expect to appear there!

Spare a thought for Wigan though, they have by far the worse record against United of any team. It reads:

P19 W1 D0 L18. Goals for 5 Goals against 60

What Is Manchester United’s Worst Defeat in Their History?

United have lost by a 7-goal margin three times in their history:

In the Premier League they have suffered a five-goal margin of defeat five times:

  • 0–5 v Newcastle United, 20 October 1996
  • 0–5 v Chelsea, 3 October 1999
  • 1–6 v Manchester City, 23 October 2011
  • 1–6 v Tottenham Hotspur, 4 October 2020
  • 0–5 v Liverpool, 24 October 2021

*All statistics correct as of July 2022

Final Thoughts

In amongst all these statistics a number of clubs frequently appear, namely Arsenal, Liverpool and Everton.

That is mainly because, like United, they have spent the most amount of seasons in top flight.

Arsenal take the honours of most wins against United, with 85

Most remarkable is the fact that domestically no team that has played three games or more against the Red Devils has a better record against United than vice-versa.

Either way some of these statistics make interesting reading looking back over almost 150 years of history.

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