Can A Christian Support Manchester United? (Discussed)

Can a Christian Support Man Utd

I have seen people ask if a Christian can support Manchester United, and at first I thought it was an odd thing to ask.

But then I realised why.

The club has a devil as part of its crest!

So is it a sin to support Manchester United?

We are going to take a look at it now.

Can A Christian Support Manchester United? 

My personal opinion is that it is not a sin to support Manchester United, just because they have a devil on the club badge and are known by the nickname The Red Devils. It would only become a problem if it got in the way of your religion or if that club began practicing Satanism. Do you watch Hell’s Kitchen or eat deviled eggs? Then surely you can support the Red Devils. The only power to the club badge and nickname is that which you give it.

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The Manchester United Crest

For those of you that don’t know, the United logo features a red devil holding a pitchfork, on a yellow background. 

Above which is a yellow ship on a red background.

We looked in more depth at this in the post that asked ‘why is there a devil in the Manchester United logo?’, but I will give you a quick abridged version now for background.

The devil symbol wasn’t adapted as part of the Manchester United badge until 1973.

It was as a result of Sir Matt Busby wanting to move away from the club’s Busby’s Babes nickname, following the death of eight players in the Munich air disaster in 1958.

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Salford Rugby Club were (and still are) known as the Red Devils and Sir Matt liked the sound of this.

The club eventually added the devil to its logo in the 70s, to go alongside the ship which harks back to Manchester’s heritage as a shipbuilding city.

But Is It a Sin to Support Manchester United?

I am completely agnostic, but in my opinion, the fact the club is known as the Red Devils, and has a devil on its crest doesn’t make it a sin to support them.

For instance how many Christians wouldn’t eat deviled eggs or devil’s food cake, or wouldn’t watch Hell’s Kitchen?

The players and club (for the most part) don’t act like devils or carry out Satanic rituals, the only power to the logo and nickname is what you give it.

Maybe if your support for United becomes so overwhelming that you end up hating opposing players or get distracted from your religion then it is a problem and then you might need to rethink things.

Does It Feel Wrong?

Ask yourself why it might be a sin to support Manchester United?

Is it purely because they are called the Red Devils? Or are there people who actually believe they are demonic?

Or do you believe it to be wrong because sports are considered ‘wordly’?

If it genuinely feels wrong to you, then maybe you shouldn’t support them.

If you are not comfortable supporting them because of the link with the devil in their nickname and on their badge, then maybe you shouldn’t support them.

If you find you are loving Manchester United more than God, then maybe you shouldn’t support them.

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Final Thoughts

In my mind a Christian can most definitely support Manchester United, I see nothing sinful in it at all.

If you are truly sincere in your religious beliefs then I cannot imagine God would have an issue with you supporting a team who just happened to be nicknamed the Red Devils and have a devil on their club badge.

You are supporting the team, and that wouldn’t only be a problem if it got in the way of your religion in my opinion.

As I mentioned before the only power the club badge and nickname carries is that which you give it.

But if it really bothers you that much, maybe you shouldn’t support them, or maybe you should support Southampton.

After all, their nickname is the Saints!

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