How Much Can Lionel Messi Squat? (Revealed)

How much can Messi squat

At 5’7 and 148 pounds (67kg), Lionel Messi is quite a slight-looking figure on the face of it. However, if you ever see him after a game when he has taken his shirt off as he walks off the pitch, it is obvious he does spend some time in the gym. So how much can … Read more

How Far Does Lionel Messi Run In A Game? (Revealed)

How far does Messi run during a game

I’ve actually heard a few people ask the question how far does Lionel Messi run in a game? If you watch him off of the ball, it would be easy to think he is lazy as he doesn’t seem to run as much as other players. But actually, there is a reason for this. We … Read more

Are Lionel Messi And Maradona Related? (Explained)

are messi and maradona related small

There are a few footballers many people don’t realize are related. Are the two Argentinian greats part of that group? Are Lionel Messi and Maradona related? Let’s find out! Are Lionel Messi And Maradona Related? No, they aren’t directly related, but there is a connection. Messi is the godfather of Benjamin Aguero, who is Sergio … Read more

How Much Is A Signed Messi Jersey Worth? (Revealed)

Signed messi jersey header

Sports memorabilia is undoubtedly a lucrative market to get into if you can buy the right items. But how much is a signed Messi jersey worth? The number varies depending upon a number of factors, but don’t expect to get an authentic signed shirt from the little magician on the cheap. So let’s delve a … Read more