Where Do Manchester City Train? The (£200million) Answer

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You would expect Manchester City to have facilities set to match their status as one of the richest clubs in the world.

And that they most definitely do.

The club’s training facilities are the equal of any club around the globe.

So where do Manchester City train?

Let’s find out…

Where Do Manchester City Train?

All of Manchester City’s first team and academy players train at the club’s Etihad Campus. The £200million facility was opened in 2014 and includes 16 pitches, the 7,000 capacity Academy Stadium, three gyms, six pool areas, a 56-seat cinema room and accommodation for up to 80 people.

Carrington Training Ground

Manchester City’s previous training ground, Carrington, was right next to a public footpath.

It wasn’t uncommon for passing members of the public to stop and watch training sessions.

The 60,000 square meter facility also incorporated a gym, hydro-therapy pool, medical facilities and a match analysis suite.

Whilst it was a perfectly reasonable training ground, that was representative of its era, it was like comparing chalk and cheese next to the new training ground unveiled by the club in 2011.

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A £200million Development is Announced

In July 2011 Manchester City announced plans for a £200million development called the Etihad Campus.

Set on an 80-acre site adjacent to the Etihad Stadium, and linked by a 190-meter footbridge, this state-of-the-art facility was to be the club’s new training base.

The club studied sporting facilities from across the globe and came up with 19 different designs before settling on the current layout of the Etihad Campus.

Construction began in September 2012, and the club moved to its new home in 2014.

And to call it impressive is an understatement.

The Etihad Campus includes the Etihad Stadium, the 7,000-capacity Academy Stadium, 16 football pitches, three gyms, six swimming pools, 80 bedrooms of deluxe accommodation for players and their families and much much more.

The Etihad Campus in Focus

Etihad Campus view from above
Image courtesy of Daily Mail.

The Etihad Campus is where all Manchester City players train, from the first team down to the academy teams.

The Academy Stadium is an impressive enough facility in its own right and was used to stage matches when England hosted the 2022 Women’s Euros.

It accommodates up to 400 youth players at a time and is home to Manchester City Women’s team and City’s Elite Development Squad (essentially its reserve team).

The 16 outdoor pitches are kept watered by an eco-friendly 8.1million litre underground tank, that recycles rainwater.

A large number of the pitches are used entirely by City’s various youth and academy teams, with the first team having access to three pitches and a half-pitch specifically designed for the club’s goalkeepers.

The three pitches the first team trains on each have a different surface, to allow the squad to try and replicate the conditions they may face in upcoming away matches.

In direct contrast to the club’s former Carrington facilities, there is also a pitch surrounded by buildings and solid fencing to enable players to work on training routines in complete privacy.

The Beating Heart of the Club

But equally as impressive as the on-pitch facilities at City’s training ground is the off-pitch facilities.

Right next to the Academy Stadium is City’s headquarters, a stunning three-floor building that is the beating heart of the club.

On the first floor are three different gyms, including one that replicates the effects of running at altitude or in extreme temperatures, a hydro-therapy area with six separate pieces of water including a cold plunge pool, a hot pool and a hydro treadmill.

On the second floor is a lounge area for the players, the staff canteen, a 56-seat cinema room for reviewing match day and training footage and a player care department that offers advice on everything from tax matters to how to use social media.

The third floor is reserved for first-team sleeping areas and is where the players sleep the night before home games. Designed by sleep experts it is akin to a four-star hotel.

In total there are 80 bedrooms on-site at the Etihad Campus, with 40 reserved for City’s academy scholars and a further 12 for visitors and parents.

At the time of writing a new 23,500 indoor arena to be used for concerts and other events is also in construction on the site.

Due to open in 2023, the venue will be known as Co-op Live and is expected to include more than 30 bars, restaurants and clubs.

Final Thoughts

INFOGRAPHIC Answering the Question Where Do Manchester City Train
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All of Manchester City’s first team and academy players train on pitches at the club’s Etihad Campus.

The huge site comprises 16 different pitches and the 7,000-capacity Academy Stadium which is used by the club’s women’s team and the Elite Development Squad.

It is linked to the club’s main Etihad Stadium by a 190-meter footbridge.

The facility cost £200million to develop and was opened in 2014.

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