What is the Manchester United Flag? (Revealed)

Man United flag

So you want to know what is the Manchester United flag?

I mean nowadays you can buy everything from Manchester United tea cozies to Manchester United drinks holders.

So where does the flag fit into all of this?

We take a closer look here.

So let’s jump in.

What Is The Manchester United Flag?

The Manchester United flag is in United red and features the club crest slap bang in the middle. It has all the ingredients you need – the club colours, the red devil, the ship and the club name. There are also many unofficial club flags you can also buy.

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The Official Manchester United Flag

The official Manchester United flag is available from United’s online store.

The polyester flag measures 5ft by 3ft and features the United club crest on a red background.

The crest itself is composed of a badge dominated by a red devil on a yellow background, with a yellow ship on a red background directly above it.

The top of the crest has the word ‘Manchester’ above it, with the word ‘United’ at the bottom and one football on each side separating the words.

We touched on this in our blog post explaining why there is a devil in the Manchester United badge, but it was actually Sir Matt Busby who was the inspiration for adding the devil to the Manchester United logo.

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Up until 1973, the devil had not featured as part of the United badge in any of its iterations.

When Sir Matt found out the local rugby team Salford was known as the Red Devils, he immediately liked the sound of it.

He suggest the club began incorporating a devil into various match day items such as programmes and scarves.

To him, it was also a way of cutting the link to the Busby’s Babes name that still hung over the club many years after the Munich aid disaster.

In 1973 the club crest was changed to include the red devil for the first time.

The ship is a nod to the Manchester Ship Canal, opened in 1894, which links Manchester to the Irish Sea.

Other Manchester United Flags

There are a few more Manchester United flags available on Amazon.

This flag features United’s three home colours, red, white and black and sports the wording “One Love. MUFC. The Religion”.

The red devil features prominently in the centre of the flag.

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Similar to the flag available in the club store, except this version has ‘Manchester United’ in white on a black background, running on a strip vertically down the left hand side of the flag.

In the style of the Italian Tricolor, this flag replaces the red background with black, white and red thirds, with the club badge slap bang in the middle.

Dubbed a ‘bullseye’ flag, the United club crest is in the centre of a bullseye design, which replicates the United home kit.

This flag features a red background, with the club’s year of formation ‘1878’ running vertically in a black strip on the left-hand side. To the right of this is the club crest.

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Final Thoughts

The official Manchester United flag can be found on the club’s online store.

It is simply the United club crest on a red background.

Simple but effective.

There are many unofficial United flags though, most of which incorporate the club’s colours and the now infamous red devil.

As with all Manchester United merchandise, you are certainly not short of choice!

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