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Take your pick of the best retro Brighton shirts for sale at any of the following sites:

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Classic Football Shirts has some fantastic retro Brighton shirts for sale. They are all originals and give you an opportunity to buy a real piece of Brighton history. Below are our favourites:

Retro Brighton Home Shirt 1999
1999 Home Shirt
Worn by: Mayo, Oatway, Zamora

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Retro Brighton Home Shirt 2002
2002 Home Shirt
Worn by: Butters, Virgo, Hart

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Retro Brighton Away Shirt 2008
2008 Away Shirt
Worn by: Murray, Cox, Elphick

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Retro Brighton Home Shirt 2011
2011 Home Shirt
Worn by: March, LuaLua, Bridcutt

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Retro Brighton Women Shirt 2011
2011 Women’s Shirt
Special Edition Shirt

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Retro Brighton Andone Home Shirt 2018
2011 Andone Home Shirt
Worn by: Florin Andone

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Unfortunately at the time of writing Vintage Football Shirts don’t have any classic Brighton shirts for sale.

>>> You can also browse Vintage Football Shirts entire range of retro shirts. <<<

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Amazon has a selection of retro Brighton shirts and memorabilia for sale. Below are our favourites:

>>> You can also browse Amazon’s entire range of retro Brighton shirts and memorabilia. <<<

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TOFFS has some fantastic retro Brighton memorabilia for sale. They specialize in handcrafted, vintage football shirts with each shirt as close to the real thing as possible

Retro Brighton Home Shirt 1960s
1960s Home Shirt
Worn by: Curtis, Napier, Smith

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Retro Brighton Home Shirt 1970s
1970s Home Shirt
Worn by: Lawrenson, Chivers, Horton

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>>> You can also browse TOFFS entire range of retro Brighton shirts. <<<

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My name is Steve and I am HUGE football fan and, in particular, a HUGE Everton fan!

I am also a lover of all things retro – whether that be TV, music or clothing, but in particular I love classic football shirts from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

I’ve picked up a few over the years and now have quite a collection, including my favourite, as shown above, the 1985 European Cup Winners’ Cup Final shirt.

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